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“When you hear the horn blow, know that it is time”. A horn blowing in Africa signifies the commencement of something of greater significance. It can be a time for war, a time for community gathering, communal celebrations or even mourning. Right now, in 2020, there is a horn blowing among Africans and people of African descent across the world. This is not a horn for mourning. We have mourned enough. This is not a horn for celebrations. We have work to do before we can begin celebrations.

This is a horn for action. A call for action has been sounded and it is up to every one of us to respond.

It has been the norm for the world to treat Africans, and people of African descent, as inferior, and as sub-human. From the age of slavery and colonialism, to this age where we see continued doctored education and religious indoctrination. A system that has been set up by those who oppressed Africans is maintained, and has remained unchallenged. This has resulted in people of our skin color being considered inferior, first from: (1) the false history that is still been taught today labeling Africans as having low IQ and being closer to animals than to human; and (2) the fact that Africans themselves have adopted the indoctrination and will even defend it with their lives. They now embody this inferior identity taught to them through religion and through mis-education. This distorted identity has been adopted by Africans and they in turn have helped the system by maintaining their own oppression. We have for the longest time been asking and begging to be included in this very system that we should have revolted against and gotten out of. When the leashes and chains were finally broken, Africans should have immediately chucked out every identity that was beaten, lynched and burned into them. Instead we are seeing bodies that are free and minds that are still in shackles.

Do you know what is the most humiliating in this era? Embodying the inferior identity forced on us and then others seeing it and taking it as permission to treat us without respect. This can be seen today in how the Chinese are treating Africans as shown by recent events in Guanzhou. For many of us who have been in this land, China, we have had firsthand experience of what they actually think of Africa and Africans. They are a nation that was closed out to the rest of the world for quite some time and now that they have opened their borders, they are still seeing ‘studies’ and ‘publications’ that describe Africans as animals, sleeping in trees and incapable of being intellectuals. This are the images that many Chinese people see with the internet censorship that controls what kind of information they receive. The former colonizers managed to erase and hide the fact that most if not all their knowledge of science, mathematics, astronomy, medicine, architecture etc… was learned in Africa, or rather Meritah as the Dogons remind us that we were at some point in history known as Meritah, before the Romans re-named us Africa without our consultation; which is another example of ‘continuing the oppressive legacy’. This word ‘Africa’ is not even in any language from the continent.

But now back to the call of action. Recently we are seeing blatantly how people think Meritah (Africa) is a child that they all should violate and then come back later to apologize. Two French doctors were recently heard shamelessly discussing on TV how our beloved Meritah can be used as a testing ground for their COVID-19 vaccine when we have the lowest cases of the virus. There are more examples of this. The United States of America recently released results from a study that says African Americans are being killed more by COVID-19 than other groups of people in the US. This might not appear to be an issue at first glance, but there has not been any results released that gives the statistics on how many Caucasians are dying from the virus. Europe and the US are the hardest hit with the virus at the moment, and none of them has released reports telling the world how many white people are dying from the virus; and yet they have conducted studies on African Americans. They feel justified in making our people the center of ‘statistics’ on death, and not subjecting other races to this. This is what we call ‘rendering the “black body” public property’. From keeping us in zoos, to performing medical experiments, to our people being labeled as carriers of diseases; they do it unashamedly. The white race has to be respected to the point that they cannot talk about the Caucasians dying and being infected with CIVID -19 but they can and have been talking about the African American community dying from the virus. This must be called out!

China is catching up to this game. There has been more and more cases in Guangzhou of Africans been evicted out of their homes, and being tested for COVID-19 even when they have not traveled or have had contact with others. Many of them have been in lock down with the rest of the Chinese people but they are suddenly being subjected to forced tests and evictions and refused access to public transport for the mere fact that they are of African descent.

What then is the call of action? You would ask. Below are attached three videos that you need to listen to. In simple terms, the call is for all of us to stand by Meritah. Stand by Africa! Be loyal to your continent. The world does not care whether you are loyal to them and disloyal to your own people. When you walk around, you look like the rest of us and you will be subjected to the same treatment. Even if you are not personally affected by racism, the racist system that we have been maintaining with our silence affects all people of color. We do not beg for respect. We do not ask for respect. If it is not mutually given, we demand it! We should not beg to be included in the system. We should ask to be treated as human beings. We are HUMAN BEINGS. One of the indigenous peoples of this planet! We should teach people how they should treat us. We shouldn’t be begging.

This is a time for action. Many of you will worry about Africa falling into abject poverty if we were to stop taking loans from China or even from the IMF. In actual truth, that will help propel us forward. Yes we will have to collapse first, but we will be forced to rebuild from a uniquely African approach. We have been exchanging our precious resources for mere pieces of paper with numbers on them called money. We should be careful that we do not swap masters from the west with new ones from the east. We have to get rid of the mentality of wanting a master. We are masters of our own destiny as Africans.


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